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Employee Benefits Overview

In order to remain competitive, as well as attract and retain top employees, employers are faced with the task of creating a winning compensation strategy that will not only accomplish these objectives, but will also stay in line with corporate budgeting constraints. 

It's a fact that employee compensation is much more than just a salary. It can encompass all the "perks," such as vacation and sick time, company vehicles, corporate memberships, and a variety of benefit options designed to provide employees and their families with, at a minimum, health insurance and retirement income. While employers are legally obligated to provide certain state and federally sponsored benefits, the majority of employers also offer, and often contribute to, additional employee benefits. 

Since 1983, our dedicated team at Executive Benefit Plans has been helping to deliver employee benefit solutions. We advise companies about how to assemble the most attractive and effective benefits packages - in the most cost-effective way. 

Who we work with -
Established organizations that typically employ at least 10 to 1000 or more employees.  However, we maintain a lucrative practice in the 'micro' group arena of less than 10 employees.

Where we work -
While our financial services team is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we currently work with businesses and individuals in thirty-four of the 50 United States. 

Consultations -
After strategic fact finding we provide employers with a forward looking comprehensive plan with recommendations and options that will meet their goals and objectives.

Practice areas -

Defined Benefit Pensions 
Cash Balance Plans


Profit Sharing

Dual or Combination Plans

Healthcare Management Consulting 
Corporate Medical Insurance

Executive Medical Employee Reimbursement Plans - MERPs
Employee Assistance Programs

Professional Disability

Long-term Care
Key Person Assurance

Deferred Compensation

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Employee Benefits

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