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Plan Insight - November 2010 - In this Issue

  1. EBSA Releases Final 401(k) Fee Disclosure Rule

  2. 401(k) Plan Roth Conversions

  3. Morningstar Update - Target-Date Funds

  4. And the Survey Says Longevity #1 Risk

  5. Off Point - Speeding Ticket?

  6. What’s the Difference? DC vs. DB Plans


Plan Insight - October 2010 - In this Issue

  1. Timing is Everything - IRS Saver’s Credit: A Bonus for Saving in Tough Economic Times 

  2. Retirement Savings is a Top Concern for Employees

  3. What is an Actuary? - A Brief Overview

  4. New Law Allows In-Plan Rollovers to Designated Roth Accounts
  5. Plan Loans Proposed to be Reported as Notes Receivable

  6. Fiduciary Perspective: Investment Risk vs. Return

  7. What is the End Game With Target-Date Funds; Retirement or Death?


Plan Insight - September 2010 - In this Issue

  1. For Many Savers, Roth 401(k) Accounts are Worth Consideration

  2. ERISA Fidelity Bonds – What to Think About, What to Look For. . .

  3. Stress test your fiduciary focus: Are you following best practices?


Plan Insight - AUGUST 2010 - In this Issue

  1. The Six Biggest 401(k) Mistakes

  2. The Four "R's" of the Mid-Year 401k Checkup Process

  3. When It Comes To Retirement, 67 Is The New 55

  4. IRS 401(k) Questionnaire Follow-Up - Common Questions


Plan Insight - JULY 2010 - In this Issue

  1. Measuring The Impact Of 401(k) Fee Disclosures

  2. Americans’ Savings Problems Self-Imposed

  3. Transamerica Fiduciary Management ProgramSM

  4. 401(k) Participants Retreat from Equities in May

  5. DoL News - Target Date Funds

  6. Why Add Automatic Enrollment to Your 401(k) Plan?

  7. Study Examines Plan Sponsor Motivation – Future Changes


Plan Insight - JUNE 2010 - In this Issue

  1. IRS Sending Employers a 401(k) Questionnaire

  2. Small Business Tax Credit for 401k Startup Costs

  3. Disclosing Plan Information to Participants

  4. Qualified Plan Fiduciary Responsibilities

  5. 401k Participant Uptake Linked to Employer - Sponsored Education

  6. Good News for Many Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans


Plan Insight - MAY 2010 - In this Issue

  1. Benefits Enrollment Increasingly Going Paperless

  2. Defined Benefit Plans

  3. Cash Balance Plans

  4. Plan Design

  5. The Basics On Catch-Up Contributions Allowed In 401k Plans

  6. DB(k) Plans

  7. 401k Hardship Withdrawals - An Overview


Plan Insight - APRIL 2010 - In this Issue

  1. DOL Rules to Enhance Retirement Advice and Transparency Announced

  2. Labor Dept.'s 401(k) proposal could rock pension advice business

  3. A Fifth of Small-Business Owners Tap into 401(k)s

  4. Recession Affects Employee Retirement

  5. MetLife Finds "Middle" Boomers Behind on Savings Goals

  6. Probate: Mysteries and Realities


Plan Insight - MARCH 2010 - In this Issue

  1. DOL Finalizes 7 Business Day Safe Harbor Rule for Small Plans

  2. What is a 401k Plan?

  3. DOL Audits of 401k Deposits

  4. Pension Plan Limits For The Tax Year 2010

  5. Blackout Period Notice Requirements

  6. Executive Benefit Plans, Inc.



Six ways Employers may alleviate 401(k) anxieties over the financial crisis - Here are a few tips to help employers ease workers' concerns about their 401(k) balances in light of the recent mood swings of the stock market.

Plan Now to Get Full Benefit of the 2012 Saver’s Credit; Tax Credit Helps Low- and Moderate-Income Workers Save for Retirement - Low and moderate income workers can take steps now to save for retirement and earn a special tax credit in 2012 and the years ahead, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Saving for retirement is about the long term - Most people who have self-directed [retirement] plans need to look at the long term.

Pursuing cost savings in dental benefits - Two emerging cost-saving initiatives in dental benefits are vying for the attention of cost-conscious employers.

Add a Cash Balance Plan to your 401(k) - Perhaps the best kept secret in the pension industry - a strategy that works extremely well for small businesses - by John Agatston, FSA, EA, MAAA, MSPA.

Website Offers Tips About College - Site breaks the process down to five simple steps - Preparing, Selecting, Applying, Deciding, and Paying - by American Education Services.

Roth 401(k)s Scheduled To Debut In 2006 - Higher income taxpayers are prohibited from making contributions to Roth IRAs, but not Roth 401(k)s - According to the IRS, it will implement the Roth 401K provision of EGTRRA in 2006.

401(k)s Require Care & Planning - Saving enough and investing carefully are key elements By James Paton, Rocky Mountain News.


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