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Consulting Services

Developing A Plan

Selecting an appropriate and affordable retirement plan is essential to attract and retain talented employees. A retirement plan should be designed to fit an employer’s objectives as well their budget. However, it can be challenging to identify plan design options and select the appropriate administrative and financial services providers. Executive Benefit Plans provides comprehensive retirement plan consulting services to help employers design, implement and administer a plan that satisfies management objectives and enhances employee participation.

Needs Assessment

Our specialists review employer objectives, budget, employee demographics, current plan features and investment options to develop a comprehensive needs assessment. During this phase, we address compliance concerns and identify areas for improvement such as technology, reporting, pricing, investment diversification and employee communication.

Plan Design and Provider Search

Executive Benefit Plans provides objective consulting services for employers who are challenged with improving an existing plan or initiating a start up plan. Once an employer’s business objectives are identified, we will solicit, evaluate, and recommend proposals based upon the needs assessment criteria. Our professionals guide employers through the maze of design, compliance, and pricing issues associated with offering a qualified retirement plan.

Plan Implementation

Plan implementation requires precise coordination and smooth execution. As the employer’s advisor and primary contact, Executive Benefit Plans ensures that all employer requirements are satisfied by the service provider. Services include the review of plan documents, contracts and administrative service agreements and supervising the conversion process.

Plan Administration Services

Provide plan sponsor service support


Assist fiduciaries with due diligence reviews


Troubleshoot client issues


Negotiate service contracts


Provide legal updates

Employee Communications

Coordinate enrollment materials


Conduct initial and ongoing enrollment meetings


Provide one-on-one employee meetings


Conduct Investment education seminars


Provide distribution and rollover services

Investment Support

Assist with Investment Policy Statement


Design investment array


Conduct investment performance reviews


Monitor industry trends

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